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Health Benefits Of Botox

Hylagen Clinics - Sunday, March 25, 2012

Health Benefits Of Botox

Many people have been helped by Botox since the 1960’s. It was first used for therapeutic purposes and it now has many uses to help people. You may know about it because of the cosmetic uses, but it has many more that you may not have realized. If you are struggling with any one of these issues you should discuss your options with your doctor and see the possible help that this injection can give you.
Eye disorders have caused many people to suffer, but they now have a good solution. This drug has been shown to improve the symptoms of people with Blepharospasm and Strabismus. These are both rare disorders that cause the patient to blink excessively or squint without control. Cervical dystonia, which is a neuromuscular disorder of the head and neck, has also been treated by Botox and was shown to improve the symptoms. 

Kids that suffer from incontinence may get some relief with an injection. If it is due to overactive bladder or neurogenic incontinence then the drug may be able to help. Migraine sufferers that get them at least 15 days out of the month and/or they last at least 4 hours each time have also used Botox with an injection and noticed a difference. Movement disorders, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or cerebral palsy, have been helped with injections as well. TMJ sufferers have also used the drug to help themselves. 

There are a lot of times when people don’t even realize the many benefits that can be seen with use. The drug works by injecting overactive muscles and blocking the release of acetylcholine from the neuron. Many people have noticed a significant improvement in their symptoms for at least 3 to 4 months. 

Sweating has also been a problem that many people don’t know how to deal with. There are many parts of the body that can be treated with an injection. If topical medications are used and not proven to be effective then this drug is usually prescribed. If you have this or any of the above mentioned symptoms or disorders then you should discuss your options with your doctor. They may be able to help your symptoms for a period of time. Once you start treatment you should keep all your appointments so you can be treated properly. Your doctor should tell you how often an injection will be needed as it differs from case to case. You should notice a change with your problems within a short amount of time after you get the injection.

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