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Women's Non-Surgical

Women’s Non-Surgical Procedures: Convenient and Affordable

Experienced and affordable women’s non-surgical cosmetic procedures put good looks and self confidence well within your reach. Women are under constant pressure to look their best; reasonably-priced cosmetic enhancements can deliver that beautiful, ageless look of their dreams.

Stress, age, exposure to the sun, illness, etc. can alter the way you look and feel. Botox treatments for wrinkles, blemishes and agelines transform your appearance. Other non-surgical procedures for women like laser hair removal, skin tightening and rejuvenation as well as permanent makeup are in high demand.

At Hylagen, we know the importance of looking good and what it can do for you. Our convenient and affordable women’s non-surgical cosmetic procedures have made a significant difference to many lives. Almost 40% of our clients are new to cosmetic treatments.

Women from all across Ireland and Northern Ireland including Dublin, Belfast and Newry come to our experienced doctors and nurses for a variety of non-surgical procedures including:
Botox wrinkle injections
Botox treatment for excessive sweating
Restylane dermal fillers for lines and folds
Permanent makeup
Lip enhancements
Micro needling
Laser teeth whitening
Laser facial thread veins removal
Laser skin rejuvenation
Skin tightening

Looking and feeling good is affordable and easy! Call Hylagen for women’s non-surgical procedures at one of the most well-known cosmetic clinics in the UK and Ireland. Reach us on 02830251833 or from Republic of Ireland on +442830251833.

Women’s Non-Surgical Procedures with Little or No Downtime

Having to take time off from work or a hectic family life prevents numerous women from getting the cosmetic enhancements they want. Many of Hylagen’s non-surgical procedures for women are fairly painless and require no downtime at all. This means you can resume normal life immediately after the procedure. We’ve invested in the latest equipment and talent to boost client safety and comfort.

Women’s non-surgical procedures at our clinics in Newry (main), Magherafelt (monthly), Belfast and Londonderry (weekly):
• Conform to the highest standards of quality
• Our team has extensive experience with cosmetic procedures and facial aesthetics
• We perform over 100 Botox treatments in a week
• All consultations and treatments are conducted in the strictest confidence
• Procedures are tailored to suit your needs
• We take the time to understand your requirements and advise you on what’s best for you

Read what our clients in Ireland and Northern Ireland say about Hylagen’s convenient non-surgical procedures for women.

Hylagen prides itself on its high quality services and low pricing. We’re half the price of clinics in Dublin, Belfast and the rest of Northern Ireland too.

Fill out our online form for a private consultation for Botox, laser skin tightening or permanent makeup. Or call us for more details about women’s non-surgical procedures and our 40% off laser hair removal.