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Hylagen clinics, conveniently located on the main M1 between Belfast and Dublin. For Botox Clinic Dublin or your Botox Clinic Belfast, Hylagen Clinic is only 30-50 minutes away.

We offer the broadest range of treatments in the cosmetic sector, From Botox treatment for men and women, skin peels, Dermal Filler Treatments along with much more, Hylagen is your one stop clinic for all your cosmetic needs.

Our Treatments

Beauty woman giving botox injections.

Wrinkle Injections

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Closeup of female doctor making injections in armpit against hyperhidrosis for man

Excessive Sweating

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Filler injection for female forehead face. Plastic aesthetic facial surgery in beauty clinic. Silicone lips. Doctor in medical gloves with syringe injects lips augmentation. Preservation of youth.

Dermal Fillers

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Face shot of woman having micro needle cosmetic treatment on face.Therapist reducing crow`s feet around eyes injecting hormones and proteins.

Micro Needling

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Beautiful young woman gets cream in the face. Skin care concept. Stunning caucasian woman with perfect health clean skin. Portrait of an Attractive girl with blue eyes, closeup

Profhilo Skin Booster

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Massage and facial peels at the salon cosmetics

Skin Peels

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Young Man Having Botox Treatment At Beauty Clinic

Why is our Botox in Belfast, Newry, Dublin so cheap compared to other clinics?

Why not? Our ethos is less profiting more clients. Others try to run us down for offering Botox at affordable prices. But we maintain our mission to offer Botox and Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments to everyone no matter of financial standing. Hylagen Clinic has been at the forefront of Cosmetic Treatments in Ireland for 13 years now, and with 20,000 plus treatments administered, we are best placed with experience and knowledge to advise on all your cosmetic needs. Visit our Botox Clinic in Newry for professional and honest advice.

Mary Mc Namee


"Carefully explained all aspects of the procedure and Yolanda experimented with colour and shapes, taking into account my wishes and ideas. It all turned out exactly as explained, and I am very pleased with the results. A great service at an even better price compared to here in Drogheda."

Joan Burgess

Drogheda/Co. Louth

"You were very welcoming and friendly and I felt very comfortable and confident in your ability to perform the treatment. Thank you so much, I am really pleased with the result and will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family."

Margaret Hannaway


"I had my lips enhanced with Restylane at the Hylagen clinic in Newry. Fantastic results and very friendly staff."

Mrs Ann Cassiday


"At last a company with ethics and understanding of the client’s needs. A great treatment at a great price."

Ms K Crawford


"I had my nose to mouth lines treated with dermal fillers by Hylagen in Derry. It was a very professional and friendly service. I will tell all my friends."

Ms Jane Cummings


"I have been having Botox for over 5 years now. But the frown line between my eyebrows would never fully smooth out and always made me look angry. I went to the Hylagen clinic and the nurse used a dermal filler to lift the crease and what a brilliant result. Along with the botox and the dermal filler I now have the result I wanted all these years."

Mrs B Kearney


"I had my nose to mouth lines filled with Restylane. Being a man I wouldn’t tell my mates I had it. But one of them noticed straight away and now 4 of my mates are having the same treatment along with Botox as well. I'm a bit young at 28 for Botox, but when the time comes, I will have no hesitation in going for it."

J Mc Manus


"Dublin prices are a rip off compared to Northern Ireland prices for cosmetic treatments. Myself and 3 friends travel to Newry twice a year for our Restylane and along with some shopping we save €100′s. Well done Hylagen."

Audrey Fitzpatrick


"I have been to a clinic in Dublin 12 times for bikini & under arm laser hair removal. First of all, it cost me double price and more importantly the laser has had no effect on my hair. I have visited Hylagen in Newry 3 times now and have even been having my legs done as well. The results are fantastic and probably 2 more treatments will do me."

Mrs Mary Mulligan


"I talked my husband into having skin rejuvenation on his face. After years of smoking his skin looked dull and tired. Great results in 5 treatments."

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