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Specialists in Botox in Derry

Looking for Botox experts in Derry? Hylagen’s doctors and nurses are recognized specialists. We perform over 100 procedures weekly all over Ireland and have extensive experience with wrinkle injections and treatments for excessive sweating. Our weekly clinic in Londonderry is one of the most popular even among clients who live in the UK.

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) is a safe product with a high degree of effectiveness in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Proven success in treating wrinkles, creases and fine lines caused by age, stress, sun damage, illness or a hectic lifestyle has increased the demand for these treatments.

Hylagen clinics cater to men and women with varying needs. As with all our other cosmetic treatments, procedures for Botox in Derry are designed to meet your requirements.

• Consultations and treatments are always confidential
• Experienced staff take the time to explain procedures and answer all your questions
• All products and processes are tried-and-tested
• We never lose focus of what’s best for you
• Comfort and convenience are the highlights of our service
• You’ll never find this low pricing anywhere else
o Botox 1 area - £99/€120
o Botox 2 areas - £169/€200
o Botox 3 areas - £199/240

Wrinkle injections and treatment for underarm sweating is affordable! Call Hylagen for Botox in Derry on 02830251833 or from Republic of Ireland on +442830251833.

Weekly Clinic for Botox in Derry

The high demand for Hyalgen’s exceptional services and pricing led to the setting up of a weekly clinic for Botox in Derry. It has since become one of our busiest.

• Our team has extensive experience in Botox procedures and facial aesthetics which enables us to deliver beautiful and natural results.
• We used the latest products and equipment to enhance efficiency, safety and outcome
• Our low pricing has made cosmetic enhancements possible for all. Over 40% of our new customers have never had these treatments before.
• The greatest proof of our top quality services is that 85% of our new business comes from referrals.

Read what our clients say about Hylagen’s expertise with Botox in Derry.

Hylagen is well-known for the highest quality service and products at lowest prices. For Botox in Derry and all our other clinics in Newry (main), Belfast (weekly) and Magherafelt (monthly), maintain the same top professional standards. Our honest and ethical approach to cosmetic procedures has earned us the praise and loyalty of our customers.

Fill out our online form for a private consultation for Botox in Derry. Or call us for more details and ask about our 40% discount for laser hair removal.