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Meet our team

For over 10 years we’ve led the way in Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments. Our experience has seen us amass thousands of successful treatments and happy patients. And now, we have brought Hylagen into the modern world by making available Non Surgical treatments to everyone, regardless of location or financial standing. Our pricing structure reflects our policy of care and honesty to you and endorses our ethos and commitment to providing these services to everyone who so desires.


Our whole team are expert’s in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. At Hylagen, we don’t do anything else. So everyone understands your needs perfectly and can offer the best of unbiased advice.

Our Practitioners Doctors/Nurses

At Hylagen we choose our practitioners for their expertise, knowledge and experience. We endorse and expect a friendly, courteous, and unique approach to each patients needs. Thus ensuring you get the very best results possible from our practitioners. Naturally all practitioners are registered with the General Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council, Britain’s medical governing bodies.

Practitioner Training and Development

This where we have raised the bar within this industry. We see training as a natural progression for our staff enabling them to offer the safest service to you. All of our staff has gone through a rigorous training and development programme with our highly acclaimed training directors. With compulsory regular advanced training for all our staff, we can be proud to say “Our Training Leads The Way”

Local Clinics and Locations

Hylagen has located clinics in central and North West Ireland to ensure that you can avail of our services without too much anxiety. We offer our clinics through highly professional Centres where standards and customer care are paramount.

Comprehensive After Care

Even when your treatment ends, our care doesn’t. It’s vital that you feel supported every step of the way – even when your treatment is complete. Our aftercare is included in the cost of treatment. It’s also reassuring to know that our patient advisors are always at hand should you have any queries.

Here for you

Choosing cosmetic non- surgical treatments is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, so we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make up your mind. Please browse our educational pages and be safe in the knowledge that Hylagen is here to help you in your decision.